Jan 20 – It’s Not Too Late to Join the Alpha Conversation


This Sunday is the second week of messages based on the Alpha Course. Following worship, everyone will be invited to stay and participate in small group discussion of the Alpha Sermon.

You can still join the Alpha conversation even if you missed last week’s service. You can listen to Rev. Read’s first Alpha sermon or watch the first session of the Alpha Film Series that John’s message was based on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBMMD5C0k-s&t=9s

The first 20 minutes of Coffee Hour will be free time. People will then be invited to sit down at a table of their choice and join an Alpha conversation. There will be a host at each Alpha table to facilitate the discussion, which will last 30-35 minutes. We’ll wrap up Coffee Hour around 12:20pm.

We encourage everyone to join the Alpha conversation. We hope you’ll enjoy the experience. But if you’ve tried it and you don’t think an Alpha discussion is for you, you’re free to just have coffee with your friends in the weeks that follow. There will be tables set up each week for those who would prefer more casual conversation.