Funding Update

Fund Raising Team Update: 


As of this week, we have raised over $1 million in donations and pledges!


WOO HOO!!!   J


Thank you so much for all your support.  Our campaign would not have come this far without your ongoing support and commitment.

Our goal of $1.3 million seemed unreachable to many when we started our fund raising, but we are now less than $300,000 away from our goal.


Thank you to all the volunteers on our Fund Raising Team.  I appreciate the time and commitment you have made to achieve our “every home” visit with our congregation, which has resulted in great success.



Each one of you can help us reach our goal


For those of you who have pledged over 3 – 5 years … we are counting on your future pledge to meet our goal.

Please ensure you advise your family about your commitment to St. Andrew’s Church, so they are aware of your desire to fulfill your commitment.


For various reasons, some of our members were unable to donate or pledge this year, but have indicated strong support for our project.

Please consider in 2017 of making a donation or pledge over 3 years to help us reach our goal.

A pledge of $10,000 over 3 years is only $64 a week.


Also, if you have family members who grew up in our church – but have moved away …. encourage them to make a donation to the project.

We have extra booklets that I can provide to send out – just contact me.   Every donor receives a tax receipt for 100% of their donation.


Future Fund Raising Events –  If you have an idea of a fund raising event, please share your ideas with our Fund Raising Team.

You can email me at

We are hoping to have at least 2 events in 2017 to help us reach our goal.


Thank you again for your support.


Randy Raphael


Fund Raising Team