Apr 2 – Midweek Message

This week I reflect a little on how to face the grief most of us are facing as a result of the current emergency situation. There’s still so much good and hopeful in our lives, but we are all dealing with a lot of loss right now. Yet through the Psalms we can find a way to sit with our grief, find that God is there grieving with us, and in Jesus we can find a way to grieve with hope.

One great resource for engaging with the Psalms are N. T. Wright’s recent book¬†The Case for the Psalms: Why they are Essential. It’s a short easy read, (200 pages) from one of today’s best scholars. Another is a much older book by the German pastor and martyr¬†Dietrich Bonhoeffer – Psalms: The Prayer Book of the Bible. Bonhoeffer was one of the Christian leaders who opposed the corruption the German church by the Nazis through the 1930s, and joined the resistance against the Nazi regime during the Second World War until his arrest and execution in 1945. This little book (65 pages, plus a short biography) was one of the last things published by Bonhoeffer in 1940, a man who knew the isolation of hiding from the Nazis while running an underground seminary and then house arrest and constant surveillance. The Psalms were a tremendous source of strength during an incredibly difficult period.
I pray that you are all well as possible in the current circumstances. If you need assistance, or know of another member of the congregation who needs assistance or a phone call (or a neighbour who could also use some help), please let me know.
Grace and Peace,