Apr 23 – Midweek Message

Our first attempt at a Zoom video gathering on Wednesday went well. 15 people took part, including 3 by telephone. So we will be meeting by Zoom again next Wednesday. I’ll be sending along a separate a message with details and a request for input tomorrow. If you would like to organize your own Zoom gathering please email me, or standrewsancaster@gmail.com.
Today’s Midweek Message is an expanded and polished up version of the devotion I did for the Zoom gathering. In it I share a short devotion from a book of sermons preached by the great Christian thinker Karl Barth to those in prison in Basel Switzerland. I also offer some of my own reflections on the hope and comfort offered in the words of Psalm 73:23. Many thanks to my friend Rev. Grant Johnston who introduced me to this little book of encouraging messages a number of years ago.

I’ve also also attached a full copy of Barth’s sermon Deliverance to the Captives – Nevertheless which even in full form (including some wonderful prayers) is quite short, yet quite powerful. If you find this message helpful and would like to read more, the book is called Deliverance to the Captives. It’s not the easiest book to obtain (it’s a bit of a hidden gem) but you can find Deliverance to the Captives – Nevertheless it in print on Amazon for less than $20.
In you prayers this week please remember the people of Nova Scotia. If it would be helpful you can use a prayer offered by the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Rev. Amanda Currie. You can find it here.

I pray that you are all well.
Grace and Peace,