Midweek Message – May 7, 2020

Today’s Midweek Message is a reflection Psalms can help us be open and transparent with God – that we can bring whatever we are going through to the Lord in prayer. I also reflect a little on how this might also apply to how we respond when we’re asked how we are doing by our friends and others we trust – especially when how we’re doing is a little more complicated that ‘fine’ or ‘doing well’.

This reflection is based on Psalm 42

And if you weren’t able to take part in our Wednesday Zoom gathering you can still take some time and reflect on the questions I shared with the group:

    1. What verse (or verses) in the Psalm 42 speaks to most right now? What does it say to you?
    2. Notice that this prayer includes both praise and complaint – it addresses both the good and the bad. Are you able to bring up both these things in your prayers? Do you feel you can be open with your feelings in prayer?
    3. How easy or difficult is it for you to share your grief, pain, or trouble with other people? Are you able to be open with others about how your are really feeling? Or are you most likely to just say that you’re ‘fine’ or ‘good’?

I pray that you’re doing as well as possible, but if you need any help or just someone to talk you call the church or send an email to standrewsancaster@gmail.com and your message will be passed on to me.


Grace and Peace,