Midweek Message – May 14, 2020

Today’s midweek message is a short study & devotion based on John 21:15-25. This picks up from our worship service on Sunday where the Gospel reading was John 21:1-14.

I invite you to read the passage in both the NIV and then again in N. T. Wright’s translation. Wright’s translation brings out some of the nuances in the Greek text that are missed in most English Bibles.

Here are some questions that connect with the message.
    1. What verse in John 21 speaks to most right now? What does it say to you?
    2. Wright’s translation highlights the fact that in the first two exchanges between Jesus and Peter (in verses 15 & 16) they speaking about love in two different ways. Then in the┬áthird and final exchange (vs. 17) Jesus changes his question to use Peter’s way of speaking about love.
      • What might this say about God accepting us as we are?
      • What might the rest of the passage suggest about Jesus’ invitation to grow and be changed?
    3. Jesus tells Peter, that he and the Beloved Disciple will walk two different paths, but that both will be faithful (vs. 18-22).
      • What might this say about our paths in following Jesus?
      • Do you have a sense that God is guiding you on a particular path?
      • Is the idea of God guiding your path comforting, or like Peter is this something you question?
For a some more discussion of what the New Testament means by love you can check out this video from the Bible Project.


Grace and Peace,