Midweek Message – May 22, 2020

Today’s Message is a short study and reflection on Psalm 27.

Questions for reflection:
    1. What verse (or verses) in the Psalm 27 speaks to most right now? What does it say to you?
    2. This Psalm ends with a statement of trust in God’s goodness and a call to wait for the Lord.What does the phrase “the goodness of the Lord” mean for you? What goodness have you known? What goodness are you still waiting for?
    3. How do you understand the call to “Wait for the Lord?” Is waiting something you find easy or difficult?
    4. What are some things we can do was we wait for the Lord?
Here are some other some other Psalms that touch on the subject of waiting for the Lord:
    • Psalm 25 (vs. 3-4, 20-22)
    • Psalm 31 (vs. 21-24)
    • Psalm 37 (vs. 7-9)
    • Psalm 40 (vs. 1-3)
    • Psalm 62 (vs. 1-6)
    • Psalm 69 (vs. 1-3)
I pray that you are well and able to enjoy the beautiful weather that we’ve been having the past few days.
Grace and Peace,