Family Home Worship – September 6, 2020

Here are all your resources for Family Home Worship for September 6. The Family Worship video will be available starting at 9:00am on Sunday morning but you can download all the other resources right away.

Today’s Question

“What is something NICE that someone did for you this week”

You can just ask the question together as a family or have your kids fill out the colouring sheet. If you send along your answers to 12:00 noon on a Saturday, they will be included in the Family Worship Video (which is recorded on Saturday afternoons). And if your kids want to share their colouring sheets, take a photo and they’ll also be included.

Question Sheet – Week 2

Family Worship Video – Available 9:00am Sunday Morning

The Big God Theme

“God Blesses”

Crafts, Discussion and Other Activities

1) Sticker stars (supplies: star stickers, black paper and white crayons/pencil crayons)
2) Flashlight stars (supplies: disposable cup, tin foil, flashlight, elastics)
Activity Time Video

To catch up on last week’s story and activities, as well as how to make your own Big God Journal go here: