Family Worship & Learning – January 3, 2021

Here are all your resources for Family Worship & Learning for January 3, 2021. The Family Worship video will be available starting at 9:00am on Sunday morning but you can download all the other resources right away. The Bible passage connected with our theme is Luke 1:1-25

Today’s Question

“What is something you like now but didn’t always like?”

You can just ask the question together as a family or have your kids fill out the colouring sheet. If you join the St. Andrew’s Family Email list you will be sent the Question on a Thursday and have the opportunity to have your answers included in in the Family Worship Video (which is recorded on Saturday afternoons). To be added to the weekly email send a message to

Question Sheet – Jan 3

Family Worship Video – Available 9:00am Sunday Morning

Crafts, Discussion & Other Activities

1. Prayer Heart Wreath (supplies: red and pink paper, thick white paper, stapler/tape, markers/crayons)
2. Thaumatrope (supplies: drinking glass, white paper, glue sticks, straws)
To access the curriculum sheet with an overview of the Big God Theme, craft ideas, a how-to craft video, and discussion questions for older kids go here: