Family Worship & Learning – March 21, 2021

Here are all your resources for Family Worship & Learning for March 21, 2021. The Family Worship video will be available starting at 9:00am on Sunday morning but you can download all the other resources right away. This week we join Jesus on his journey to Jerusalem as he stops for dinner at the house of a religious leader in Luke 14:1-24.

Today’s Question

“Who would you invite to an awesome party?”

You can just ask the question together as a family or have your kids fill out and colour the Question Sheet.

Question Sheet – Mar 21, 2021

Family Worship Video – Available 9:00am Sunday Morning

Crafts, Discussion & Other Activities

1) Fill a Plate (supplies: paper plate, yarn, tissue paper, glue, scissors OR pictures of food from magazine/newspaper)
2) Musical chairs (supplies: chairs, music that can be stopped/started)
3) Savings containers (supplies: household container, craft supplies, glue)

Big God Journal Page: Journal Page – Mar 21, 2021

To access the curriculum sheet with an overview of the Big God Theme, craft ideas, a how-to craft video, and discussion questions for older kids go here: