Family Worship & Learning – April 11, 2021

Here are all your resources for Family Worship & Learning for Sunday, April 11, 2021.  This week his week we continue the story of Jesus’ resurrection into Luke’s second volume, the Book of Acts.

Today’s Question

“Where would you like to live when you grow up?”

You can just ask the question together as a family or have your kids fill out and colour the Question Sheet.

Question Sheet – Apr 11, 2021

Family Worship Video – Available at 9:00am Sunday

Crafts, Discussion & Other Activities

1) Language Craft – supplies: printed template from attached curriculum, markers, scissors, glue
2) Balloon Keep Up – supplies: tissue paper, balloons

Big God Journal Page: Journal Page – Apr 11, 2021

To access the curriculum sheet with an overview of the Big God Theme, craft ideas, a how-to craft video, and discussion questions for older kids go here: