Home Worship – Sunday May 16, 2021

This Sunday May 16th we step back into the story of the Book of Acts as the early church finds new opportunities for mission even as it is scattered by hardship and trouble. Our service theme is “The Church Brings Good News.”

Our Home Worship service for this week will go live on YouTube at 10:30am. The service continues to be available by telephone for those without internet access. If you know anyone who is not able to access our service online call 905-648-6024 for more information.

Order of Service

Gathering Music


Family Worship: “The Church Brings Good News” (available at 9:00am)

Home Worship Recording

Call to Worship – Psalm 113:1, 5-9

Opening Prayer

Song: “For All You’ve Done”

New Testament Reading – Acts 8:4-25

Gospel Reading – Luke 17:11-19

Message – “Good News for Everyone?”

Hymn: “Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer” #651

We Respond to God’s Generosity

Closing Prayers & Blessing


    • Going Deeper (Study Resources): In worship this week our focus is on the Gospel of Jesus as ‘Good News.’ To go a little deeper into the words the Bible uses for ‘good news’ you can watch this short video. You can find other resources including a study guide here: https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/euangelion-gospel/
    • Mission Project for May: The St. Andrew’s Mission Team is encouraging everyone to consider making a donation to the West Mountain Community Fridge. This is a new community initiative to provide fresh food to people with no questions asked. The Mission Team has made an initial donation of $100 worth of food. To learn what a Community Fridge is you can read this recent article from the Hamilton Spectator. For more information and details on how to donate you can go this information page. If you have more questions please contact Elaine Read celainegillespie@gmail.com