Home Worship – Sunday May 23, 2021

This Sunday May 23rd is Pentecost. We continue our journey through Acts as the good news of Jesus makes its way to new places and new people. This week our theme is “The Church Comforts the Broken-Hearted.”

Our Home Worship service for this week will go live on YouTube at 10:30am. The service continues to be available by telephone for those without internet access. If you know anyone who is not able to access our service online have them call me at 905-407-9262 to learn how to phone into the service.

We welcome all members of St. Paul’s Church in Burlington who may be joining us this week.

Order of Service

Gathering Music

Family Worship: “The Church Comforts the Broken-Hearted” (available at 9:00am)

Home Worship Recording

Call to Worship – Psalm 71:19-23

Opening Prayer

Hymn: “Immortal, Invisible” #290

New Testament Reading – Acts 11:19-26

Gospel Reading – John 15:26-27; 16:7-15

Message – “Broken and Open”

Song: “As It Is In Heaven”

We Respond to God’s Generosity

Closing Prayers & Blessing


    • Going Deeper (Study Resources): In worship this week we look at the story of how the followers of Jesus first came to be called Christians – which means “Little Christ.” To learn more about what the Bible means by being a faithful witness to Jesus you can watch this short video (https://youtu.be/jhcmzjwbvyk). For a study guide and other resources go to: https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/martus-witness/
    • Zoom Communion (May 30): Next Sunday will be a Zoom Communion service. If you are not yet a part of our St. Andrew’s email list, write to revjohnread@gmail.com to receive information on how to join our Zoom service. For those who prefer to take in the service on YouTube, a recording of the Zoom service will be available early Sunday afternoon.