Family Worship & Learning – Jun 13, 2021

Here are all your resources for Family Worship & Learning for Sunday June 13, 2021. This week we start the final book of the Big God Story and catch a glimpse of the how the story will come to an end.

Today’s Question

“What would be an amazing and surprising thing to see?”

You can just ask the question together as a family or have your kids fill out and colour the Question Sheet.

Question Sheet – Jun 13, 2021

Family Worship Video – Available at 9:00am Sunday

Crafts, Discussion & Other Activities

1) Decorate: supplies – recycled  containers for plants (ex. empty tin cans, yogurt pots), bright/shiny materials such as tin foil and sparkles, star stickers
2) Plant: supplies – same as above, quick/easy growing seeds such as bean, sunflower or pumpkin, potting soil

Big God Journal: Journal Page – Jun 13, 2021

To access the curriculum sheet with an overview of the Big God Theme, craft ideas, a how-to craft video, and discussion questions for older kids go here: