Home Worship – Sunday June 27, 2021

This Sunday June 27, 2021. We continue our exploration of the Book of Revelation and come to John’s vision of Jesus as the only one able to complete God’s rescue plan for the world. This week our theme is “Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb.”

Our Home Worship service for this week will go live on YouTube at 10:30am. The service continues to be available by telephone for those without internet access. Please call 905-648-6024 or email revjohnread@gmail.com for information on how to access out local call-in service.

We welcome members of St. Paul’s Burlington who will be joining us this week as Rev. Bob Sim is on some further medical leave.

Order of Service

Gathering Music

Family Worship: “Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb” (available at 9:00am)

Home Worship Livestream Starts at 10:30am

Call to Worship – Psalm 103:6-8, 19-22

Opening Prayer

Song: “Rescuer”

New Testament Reading – Revelation 4:1-6; 5:1-14

Gospel Reading – Luke 22:63-71

Message – “Revelation: The Lion and the Lamb”

Hymn: “Jesus Shall Reign” #275

We Respond to God’s Generosity

Closing Prayers & Blessing


    • Going Deeper (Study Resources): The Bible Project has an excellent video summary of how the Book of Revelation fits into the whole story of the Bible by tracing the theme of ‘The Day of the Lord.’ You can find it here https://youtu.be/tEBc2gSSW04 and find a study guide and other resources here: https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/day-of-the-lord/ To go even deeper you can listen to the Bible Project’s Podcast series on the Day of the Lord here: https://bibleproject.com/podcast/series/day-of-the-lord-series/
    • Textile Recycling Drive Results: Yesterday we had our biggest ever collection of used and worn out clothing, shoes and other textiles – almost 500 bags! We almost ran out of room in the truck. Thank you to the Mission Team for organizing this event, and for all the volunteers who came out to help. All being well, we hope to run another Recycling Drive in the fall.
    • Update on Reopening St. Andrew’s: Session has tentatively set August 22 as the date for a ‘soft’ reopening of our in-person worship service. This will be a more limited worship gathering to ease us into being back together. Our hope is to return to something approaching a normal in person service by the first Sunday in September. The Reopening Team will review the situation in the first week of August and Session will then finalize our reopening plans.
    • Summer Mission Focus: This summer the Mission Team is encouraging our St. Andrew’s Church Family to support the Kenora Fellowship Centre. The Centre is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) that supports Indigenous people in the Kenora area, which was home to one of the two Residential Schools operated by the PCC after 1925 (the other 9 schools run by the PCC went into the new United Church at that time). Ministries like the Kenora Fellowship Centre are part of our commitment to Reconciliation and repairing the harm done by the Residential Schools. You can learn more and donate directly here: https://fellowshipcentre.wixsite.com/kenora
    • Presbyterian Response to Residential Schools Findings: You can find the latest on how the Presbyterian Church in Canada is responding to the ongoing discoveries at former Residential Schools sites here: https://presbyterian.ca/2021/06/25/a-statement-regarding-residential-schools/