Home Worship – Sunday September 12, 2021

This Sunday September 12 we continue to worship in-person and online. Our In-Person service is at 10:30am (directions). For full guidelines for in-person worship (such as requirements for masks and physical distancing) please go to: https://standrews.ws/2021/08/13/in-person-worship/

Family Worship Video Premiers at 8:30am

Online Worship Service Premiers at 10:30am

Call to Worship – Psalm 124

Opening Prayer

Hymn: “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” #321

Old Testament Reading – Exodus 1:8-13; 1:22-2:10

Gospel Reading – Luke 23:33-43

Message – “The Gospel of Freedom: Rescue and Redemption”

Song: “Hear our Praises”

We Respond to God’s Generosity

Closing Prayers & Blessing

News & Resources:

    • Going Deeper: (Study Resources): The Bible Project has a 2-part series exploring the Book of Exodus. Each video is a little over 5 minutes and comes with a set of helpful study notes if you would like to go even deeper into this essential part of the Bible’s story. You can find the part 1 (which covers Exodus 1-18) here: https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/torah-exodus-1/
    • Respond to the Crisis in Haiti through PWS&D: The nation of Haiti is facing an unprecedented series of disasters – COVID, a political crisis, a major earthquake and most recently a tropical storm. One way to help is through Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D). To learn more go here – https://presbyterian.ca/pwsd/haiti-crisis/ and please keep Haiti in your prayers.