Home Worship – Sunday September 19, 2021

This Sunday September 19 we continue to worship in-person and online. Our In-Person service is at 10:30am (directions). For full guidelines for in-person worship (such as requirements for masks and physical distancing) please go to: https://standrews.ws/2021/08/13/in-person-worship/

Family Worship Video Premiers at 8:30am

Online Worship Service Premiers at 10:30am

Call to Worship – Psalm 105:1-5,7-9

Opening Prayer

Hymn: “Holy, Holy, Holy” #299

Old Testament Reading – Exodus 3:1-15

Gospel Reading – John 8:48-58

Message – “The Gospel of Freedom: Never Alone”

Song: “Everlasting God”

We Respond to God’s Generosity

Closing Prayers & Blessing

News & Resources

    • Going Deeper: (Study Resources): The Bible Project explores the central story of the Exodus and its lessons from a number of different angles. One series is a study on the ‘Shema’ the daily prayer spoken by the people of Israel for thousands of years and the first half of the Great Commandment taught by Jesus. The whole series is great, but of particular interest is the fact that the second video digs in a bit further into our service theme for today – “The Lord’s Name is I AM.” You can find the whole ‘Shema’ series here: https://bibleproject.com/explore/category/shema-series/
    • Respond to the Crisis in Haiti through PWS&D: The nation of Haiti is facing an unprecedented series of disasters – COVID, a political crisis, a major earthquake and most recently a tropical storm. One way to help is through Presbyterian World Service & Development (PWS&D). To learn more go here – https://presbyterian.ca/pwsd/haiti-crisis/ and please keep Haiti in your prayers.


Grace and Peace,