What is the Good News?

Bible Text: Luke 4:14-21 | Preacher: Rev. John Read | Series: Good News People | Good News People
On the Sundays leading up to Easter we’ll exploring the full meaning of the Christian Gospel, or ‘Good News’. What is the Gospel? Why is it good news? Is it really good news for everyone? And if so, how do we live by it and share it with others?

We’ll be looking at these questions in our worship service, as well as in small group discussions during Coffee Hour from March 1 to April 5. The messages and discussion will be guided by The King Jesus Gospel, by Scot McKnight, which you can easily obtain from Chapters-Indigo, Amazon, and other bookstores. Everyone is encouraged to take part as we consider how we can grow to become “Good News People.”

The discussion questions for each week will also be posted along with the  audio of the sermon.