Ancaster, ON L9G 1L7, Canada

31 Sulphur Springs Road, Ancaster, Ontario

Our Church Building is Accessible: Please enter through the main entrance at the lower level of the building.

Drop Off For Accessible Entrance: You may stop and drop off (but not park) in the cut out along Sulphur Springs Road in front of the cemetery gate. You may then make use of the ramp down to the main entrance.

Sunday & Evening Parking (after 6pm): The parking lot behind the Medical Building (Rastin’s Pharmacy) at the northwest corner of Wilson Street East & Sulphur Springs Road. This is the best parking lot if you need to use our accessible entrance. (Lot 1 on image below)

Any Day Parking: The parking lot for the Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre at the end of Queen Street. Please try to park in the back of the lot and give priority to Arts Centre patrons. You can also use the public parking lot behind Old Firehall Arts Centre on Wilson Street. (Lot 2 on image below)







Office Phone: 905-648-6024
Office Email:

Minister: Rev. John T. Read