Home Worship – Sunday February 7, 2021

This Sunday, February 7, we continue our exploration of the ministry of Jesus as he calls unexpected people to be his followers and eats with the wrong kind of people. The theme for this Sunday is “Jesus Welcomes Everyone.”

Our Home Worship service for this week will go live on YouTube at 10:30am. The service continues to be available by telephone for those without internet access.

Order of Service

Gathering Music

Family Worship: “Jesus Welcomes Everyone” (available at 9:00am)

Home Worship Recording

Call to Worship – Psalm 103:1, 8-14 (NRSV)

Opening Prayer

Song: “All the People Said Amen”

Old Testament – Hosea 6:1-6 (NIV)

Gospel Reading – Luke 5:27-39 (NIV)

Message – “Welcomed and Welcoming”

Hymn: “There is a Redeemer” #358

Closing Prayer & Blessing


    • Zoom Bible Study: Members of St. Andrew’s are invited to join a Zoom Bible Study being hosted by Knox Binbook and St. Paul’s Carluke. It meets on Wednesdays at 10:00am until April 14. Most weeks will be led by Rev. Nancy Mostert, but I’ll be leading this coming week (Feb 10). This group is an exploration of the psalms, and will be guided by Max Lucado’s book “Life Lessons from Psalms: A Praise Book for God’s People.
    • 2021 Annual Meeting: Due to the ongoing pandemic, Session and the Board of Managers have decided to postpone the Annual Meeting until April. This will give us more time to assess the financial picture for the coming year and to make preparations for holding the meeting virtually by Zoom video conference and telephone.